MHU Project

Mobile Health Unit

The Mobile Health unit, the core of the project स्वस्थ बस्ती, स्वस्थ शहर is a mini hospital on wheels equipped with oxygen cylinder, medical lab and emergency equipment, drugs cabinet, etc.  It is an innovative way to provide free, timely, preventive, curative and promotive healthcare facilities to the target population living with limited access to dispensaries and government hospitals.


To provide general and specialized health care services at door-step and make health services accessible to vulnerable masses residing in slum areas of Delhi-NCR.


The project is aimed for shantytowns where residents are in dire need of quality health services. The project entails several other activities for the beneficiaries like Free of cost Health Camps, counselling of healthcare & hygiene, referral services to patients in need of critical treatment etc. The project started in 2018 and interventions made by the project have tremendously improved the health condition of the community in short period. 

Facilities provided under the project
Mobile Health Unit (MHU)