CHC/PHC Solar Project

CHC/ PHC Solar Project

Lightening up the Lives

In India, Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) constitute the backbone for providing rural health services to the local rural masses. But, the utility in providing health services is particularly restrained by the state of poor electricity supply in these areas.

ISRN has worked towards improving  the overall health performances of selective Community Health Centers (CHCs) and Primary Health Centre (PHC) located in Rajasthan, by installing solar plants and providing the 24/7 electricity for efficient functioning.

Theinitiativeresulted in24*7 functioned Outpatient Department, Wards, Operation Theater Labor room, Minor OT/Dressing Room/Injection Room/Emergency, Cold Chain Room Laboratory Water storage and Drinking water facility. Regularly functioning health centers encouraged the medical/para-medical staff to work more efficiently.