About Membership

ISRN Membership is open to Corporate and VOs. The memberships brings the advantages of knowledge, networking and resources that help corporates meet their CSR objectives and statutory obligations under companies act easily and efficiently, while making resources available to VOs. To be eligible to apply for the membership, your organization needs to meet either of the following requirements: VOs – Societies Registration Act, 1860, Indian Trusts Act, 1882, The Charitable and Religious Trusts Act, 1920. Corporate – Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 or Companies Act, 2013

Benefits to Corporate

  • Expert advisory and facilitation for undertaking CSR projects – Dovetailing business objectives with CSR mandate
  • Co-create CSR/Social development projects with Government/VOs.
  • Facilitate PPP in CSR
  • Project life cycle support from cradle to cradle
  • Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Support for CSR projects
  • Access to data of credible and efficient implementing agencies (VOs)
  • Participation in ISRN’s events with concessional fee – seminars, workshops, trainings etc.
  • Access to regular updates on CSR and other critical information
  • Showcasing of CSR activities through website/promotional material, newsletter etc.
  • Improved relationship with community and other stakeholders
  • Enhanced brand visibility and brand equity

Benefits to Voluntary Organisations

  • Accreditation of VOs
  • Capacity building as per the needs in required domains
  • Interface with corporate donors
  • Project preparation at concessional rates
  • Organizational profiling for enhanced visibility and impact
  • Enhanced visibility through listing on ISRN website
  • Concessional participation in ISRN seminars, workshops, trainings etc.
  • Hand holding in implementation of CSR projects
  • Access to regular updates on CSR/ government programs and opportunities
  • Provision of support services/facilitation to VOs at nominal professional fee