Corporate Partnership

Let’s work together towards Good Health and Well-being of people of India

Mobile Health Unit is one of the model projects of ISRN to ensure attainment of sustainable development in India through providing the quality healthcare services to the underserved people at their door-steps. ISRN has been able to reach 60,000 beneficiaries so far.

MHU Services:

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Focused Deliverables & Impact

Your support will help us reach out to people in dire need of medical care and contribute to the followings:

A Glimpse of MHU Activities:

The Project is aimed to provide basic health facilities to the underserved communities. The project also highly focuses on continuous Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) intervention to bring about positive change among people’s behavior towards adopting healthy practices.

Few testimonials from the community:

Susheela Devi age (71) was suffering from anaemia, hypertension and
diabetes. Due to weak financial situation, she felt it’s better to die than to
spend money on her health. She came in contact with the MHU mobilise and
after 10 th visit, she feels better and energetic. In her words....
मैंने तो आस छोड़ दी थी , बार बार दवाई का खर्चा कौन उठता, इतने पैसे कहाँ है पर आई
जी एल-आई एस आर एन वैनसे मुफ्त में इलाज भी हुआ और अब घर के काम में भी मदद कर देती हूँ मेरी ज़िन्दगी बच गई |

Manju was 5 months pregnant when she visited MHU first time, she was
severely anaemic as found out in the blood test, and was suffering from,
lumbago, and general weakness. With the MHU service, she got free
medicines for anaemia, folic acid and calcium tablets along with
multivitamins and is now abides by the treatment regime.
“खर्चा बचा और मन भी अच्छा रहता है, IGL ISRN से मिली सुविधाएँ हमें जैसे परिवार
के लिए बड़ा सहारा हैं, अब मेरा बच्चा भी स्वस्थ होगा |

मुझपे कोई ध्यान नहीं देता था, पढाई भी छूट गई थी. मोबाइल वैन से ईलाज करवाया !
अब अच्छा लगता है, पढ़ना भी शुरू कर दिया ! From being severely anaemic (at 8
mg/dL, after MHU based intervention, she improved to 10.9 mg/dL in 4-5 months)~ Zainab (12 years)

CSR Partnership with ISRN : Benefits to Donors

We are a network of 600+ organizations with pan India presence. We can implement the project as per the need of our donor partner.