Organization in Delhi for Child Education

Organization in Delhi for Child Education

India is a country where education is made compulsory for every citizen. Education is considered to be the backbone for the development of any country. However, it cannot be overlooked that millions of people are still devoid of basic education. India has over 150 million children working as labourers. The condition is worse in rural areas where people lack basic amenities. “Children are the future of the nation” axiom fails here. Less than half of India’s children between the ages of 6 to 14 go to school. The numbers are staggeringly high.

To overcome this dreadful situation, Indian Social Responsibility Network, a network organization is working tirelessly to improve the quality of education. Transforming the lousy infrastructure of the schools, modifying it with advanced technologies and equipping it with Smart Boards, Solar Panels and RO Water Purifier is the working transformation of ISRN Uttam School model.

ISRN is providing a conducive environment to all children where education becomes a fun activity, so far the organization has transformed 42 Schools and 2 Colleges. Following interventions are carried out in School to make it a dream school:

1. Smart Class Rooms
2. RO Water for clean drinking water
3. Separate toilets and boys and girls
4. Digital Library for audio and video materials of books
5. Solar Based Power Supply

Apart from installing the following infrastructures, the concept of Uttam School also envisages the following interventions:

1. Developing it into a Green School and Clean School
2. Making the school digital with Wi-Fi facilities
3. Building a child mirror to exercise freedom of expression
4. Forming a Grievance Redressal Committee for checking and stopping child abuse

ISRN is paving the way for quality education in India. Building a school for every child is a dream and making it possible requires helping hand from all corners. Impacting it on a larger scale requires dedication and support. Education for all is the focus of the organization. Corporate companies can support us through their CSR funds to make a change in society and for all the children who deserve to get an education.

Visit our website: Indian Social Responsibility Network-ISRN

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