Good Health to Underprivileged

The conditions of medical facilities in rural areas are deplorable wherein staggering 700 million people dwell. The underprivileged marginalized section of the people faces a lot of different health issues because of the bad ambiance. They are likely to get infected easily from viruses and bacteria. Lack of healthcare facilities in these areas makes the situation worse. ISRN is helping these people by providing free healthcare services to their doorstep. Improving the grim conditions is a dire need. We have taken this as a challenge. We are ensuring that quality healthcare services will be accessible to every corner in a timely order. Through a lot of health camps, we have spread smiles on the faces and even get applauded by many.

We need support from every corner in order to continue this work. You can donate us and help in building a healthy and developed India.

Education is Every Child’s Birthright

Education is an important aspect to measure the development of the country. If quality education is provided to every child in India, the condition of unemployment would be less severe. However, the conditions of schools are not that much satisfactory. Schools are imparting poor education to students because of lack of facilities and ramshackle infrastructure. Improving the deteriorating conditions of the schools have become a challenge for our country. Wherein ISRN came out as a boon; supporting the schools by improving the infrastructure and also equipping modern facilities like Smart Boards, RO Water Purifier, and Solar Panels. Till now we have modified more than 40 Schools.

You can help us in our endeavor by donating some amount for the development of these schools. We will utilize your money in making a dream school and ensure every child receives quality education in every phase of his/her life.