Bridging knowledge gap

Organized technical training program for Vidya Bharti Schools from Central Region attended by 143 participants from 21 districts in Madhya Pradesh.

The program focused on improving Vidya Bharti personnel' skill on Proposal writing, record management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial management towards increased efficiency, transparency,credibility and ability to raise resources of Vidya Bharti Schools.

Organized technical training program on "record management, financial management and proposal writing" attended by 43 participants.

Organized capacity building program for VOs on key areas involving 45 VO participants from 16 states.


ISRN provides a platform to all its members to share their experiences, best practices, innovations, expertise on the public domain.


Media Coverage

In today's time where it is a necessity to be accessible to a wide range of individuals or organizations, from diverse groups, like corporate, NGOs and government, the need for the fourth pillar of democracy-Media, is inevitable.


Audiovisual Gallery

Audio-visual gallery is an amalgamation of IEC (information, education, communication) materials, snapshots of various events and activities, audio-visuals of training, jingles, clippings carrying messages or information, electronic brochures etc.