Antyodaya-The Vision


Documentation and compilation of Antyodaya based best practices as propounded by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, a detailed study undertaken by Indian Social Responsibility Network (ISRN) has been an attempt to bring forth the efforts of all those who are working to uplift the last man in the society. More often than not the real life heroes miss the glare of publicity as there is no due recognition given to their initiatives. While fulfilling the objectives of the study, the primary one being unearthing the best efforts from the remotest of places in the nation, it is found that most such stories have not been heard by the public even though their impact has been immense.



Ministry of Culture, Government of India has provided financial support to ISRN for conducting the study on “Documentation & Compilation of the Best Practices of Sustainable Development as Propounded by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya” which aims to collect best practices of Antyodaya based interventions of organizations/individuals, document and share it with a larger audience to motivate and replicate similar models of sustainable development across India. Targeting beneficiaries across the country, the specific objectives of the study were as follows: 

  • To collect the existing Antyodaya based best practices from all over the country; 
  • To understand the implementation strategy of these models of development; 
  • To document the best practices, using both print and electronic media; 
  • To publish these practices in order to make it available to reach wider audience;
  • To motivate individuals/Voluntary Organisations/Corporates and imitate similar models of development; 
  • To identify gaps, if any, and suggest relevant recommendations for Antyodaya based best practices and the implementing partners of the project.


Process of Project


Criteria for Selection of Practice


Jury Meet

The first jury meet that took place in Mumbai impelled modifications in the google form with an idea to make it concise and easy to fill for the practitioners. Initially two step information collection approach was adopted wherein the first form was a one page document to be filled up. Based on the information gathered from it, ISRN team through internal discussion would proceed in asking the organisation to fill up the second more detailed form.

The final jury meet took place in Delhi where a detailed description of the study was given where ISRN’s CEO, Mr. Santosh Gupta, presented different phases of the study that were undertaken as well as the challenges that came in each phase; the way forward of the study was also described in order to accelerate the impact of the study at a much larger scale than planned initially. A lot of positive response and encouragement came from the jury meet. ISRN is determined to incorporate the valuable inputs along our way of seeing this study transform into a massive national dissemination.


Jury Meet


The journey of seeking Antyodaya based best practices was out of the largest canvas of the country that ISRN began painting. Along the way we came across the most challenging of tasks to reach out to the people residing in socially excluded communities. It was an incredible experience to witness such strong and motivated efforts being put in by the Antyodaya Nayaks which were none other than the citizens like any of us. They were inspiring in their very own ways to take up the challenging role of being the strengthening force to the third pillar of the society. Some models of upliftment were uniquely rare and one would be pleasantly taken aback and think why we never looked into our own country for much needed stimulation to channelize it into the much awaited transformation of the marginalised section of the society.

ISRN with all this treasure of knowledge of diverse project models of development strives to spread it not simply across the nation, but the globe. While reflecting on this filled canvas of yet another portrayal of the nation, a beautiful interpretation of what we are and what we do as a nation came out. Something essential to share with larger communities of the world! Additionally, it will serve as a mirror to all of us as citizens, showing us the extent to which few of us are going, which is absolutely rewarding and refreshing to simply know and aspire.