The Vision of Antyodaya

Through the journey of two years, ISRN collected and documented 408 Antyodaya based best practices with support of Ministry of Culture, GoI . The Hon’ble Vice President of India, Sh. Venkaiah Naidu unveiled the books “The Vision of Antyodaya”.

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Covid-19 Relief Service

ISRN’s covid-19 response to support thousands of people & frontline functionaries via providing food, masks & PPE kits, VRF. Organising webinars to bridge the knowledge gap and build capacity of VOs.

Mobile Health Unit provides OPD services, free test and medications, specialist consultations at the doorstep of underserved communities, contributing to SDG 3.

Advancing the quality education Uttam Schools have been equipped with Smart Classrooms, Digital Library, RO and Solar Plant, Separate toilets for Boys and Girls.

We are pleased to share with you all an initiative taken by ISRN to showcase the work done by Sewa warriors in various areas during the pandemic. The contribution done by VOs and individual effort in such difficult times is really commendable and shows the solidarity. Such initiatives have been compiled and analysed in "Glimpse of Sewa Warriors Intiatives".

We hope that you and your loved ones will be safe and sound. Today we all are fighting to be safe from the global coronavirus epidemic while being concerned about our friends and society. But I sincerely hope that all of you will also be proud of being your Indians because the way people are trying to keep this country safe by following every guideline to fight this epidemic, it is indeed very praiseworthy. We are all having new and unique experiences in this odd situation today, such as the experience of living with family at home for a long time, in which many new things have come to your attention which may have been overlooked before. You all can feel the new experiences in your daily routine as well. Similarly, there are some amazing social experiences carried out in such times that have been featured in ISRN's "Glimplse of Sewa Warrior's Initiatives" . As you all must be aware of the problems and challenges around you in these last 50 days and might have seen people working and playing a major role to address those challenges with ease. Some of them are voluntary organizations that are constantly serving people day and night through various mediums, regardless of their life. These are the people who are tirelessly working, away from the glare of the media in their tune to timely provide food, ration, medicines and all the essential items of need to the poor, afflicted and needy people. ISRN has made a small effort to name all these volunteers and voluntary organizations as "sewa warriors" and highlight their golden work among people through this edition. In compilation of the "Glimpse of Sewa Warrior's Initiatives", information about the ongoing sewa work across the country has been obtained from various sources, mainly the social media platform, ISRN's member organizations, Volunteer Reserve Force (VRF) of ISRN. The information has been gathered by scientific method and research, so that this edition can meet the academic criteria and live upto the expectations. I sincerely hope that this "Glimpse of Sewa Warrior's Initiatives" will not only impress you with the work of these sewa warriors but will also present a detailed depiction of the social sector.
Stay healthy, stay safe and contribute towards keeping the people around safe.

Kind Regards
Santosh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer,
ISRN, New Delhi

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