The birth of any thought comes from the need of it. Hence the thought of the establishment of this forum came from the need to make all possible efforts to bring together everyone who had an idea or a thought to benefit the society in one way or the other.

While the formation of the forum was being thought, the need to keep it inclusive with the sole purpose of providing an enabling network to all the new as well as old players, both from the corporate and NGOs was kept in mind. The need for such inclusion came from the fact that in the market there are numerous startups as well as new players who have innovative ideas and are ready to take initiatives but lack either in resources or proper channel to implement those ideas at the ground level. Thus, the forum tried to strategize itself to accommodate all kinds of support at any level to all its members, through the same members, from among themselves.

This hand holding would not be a direct one. The forum would link one member to the other member who could possibly extend its expertise in a particular area or issue, to get it sorted and eventually would lead to a successful execution of a program, aiming to benefit the community at large.

The forum decided to follow processes that would be beneficial for both NGOs and Corporate, aiming to build a stronger relation between the two either through advocacy or resource facilitation.

Advocacy is a process to influence players to invest their resources, expertise and skills to influence either the on- going public programs by the government or start new ones with each other's assistance and help.

Resource facilitation are basically any service which would provide the added edge to the skills of the partners in which they would need assistance, when they get stuck at any level, during the course of their programs. It includes trainings, capacity buildings, seminars and conferences which would eventually dissolve stagnancies in the programs, by enhancing the needful proficiencies of the players from time to time.

The forum would provide an opportunity to the NGOs working on any specific issue or in a particular region, common to any member corporate to strategies and vision their programs together with each other.

Benefits to the NGO'S

  • Reduced dependency on grants and sponsorships

  • Opportunity to build strong linkages and trustworthiness with the community

  • Build better contacts with other corporate and their partners

  • Accreditation from ISRN makes them legitimate, authentic and trusted

  • Experience and understand the functioning of private companies

  • High-quality work that builds the nonprofit's credibility and integrity


Benefits the Corporate

  • Enhanced image, credibility and visibility in the market

  • Align its strategies for Social Responsibility, proper usage of the CSR funds and making their community network stronger

  • Improved relationship with the Government

  • Having a specific project or objective for collaboration

  • Having a strong social focus as part of its culture

  • Selection of apt managers

  • Gain experience in dealing with non-profit organizations



ISRN provides a platform to all its members to share their experiences, best practices, innovations, expertise on the public domain.


Media Coverage

In today's time where it is a necessity to be accessible to a wide range of individuals or organizations, from diverse groups, like corporate, NGOs and government, the need for the fourth pillar of democracy-Media, is inevitable.


Audiovisual Gallery

Audio-visual gallery is an amalgamation of IEC (information, education, communication) materials, snapshots of various events and activities, audio-visuals of training, jingles, clippings carrying messages or information, electronic brochures etc.