CSR for Shreshtha Bharat

With the recent Companies bill 2013 focusing much on CSR, finding right destination and partner to utilize CSR funds is one of the biggest challenges corporate are facing.  In the absence of any formal channel NGOs are also paralyzed to reach to the corporate in spite of their strong community presence. Thus, there emerges the need for a common platform where corporate, NGO and govt. could come together to work in collaboration and ensure sustainable development of the society they are part of.

At the two recent National Conventions on CSR held at Mumbai and Banglore in Sep’13 and Feb’14 respectively, there emerged a strong need to bring planners and implementers together on a common platform so as to strategically move ahead for efficient execution of activities for betterment of the community realizing the true spirit of CSR.ISRN aims to serve as the forum which allowdevelopment stake holders to be on common platform and share their aspirations, needs and plan for better future together.

“CSR for SHRESHTHA BHARAT” seminar is being organized by ISRN with the theme of catalyzing the process of efficient CSR implementation by moving from responsibility to relationship. ISRN aims to bring eminent speakers scholars from varied discipline working on CSR and related development issue to share their ideas and discuss the road ahead. This seminar has been structured in a way to cover major aspects related to CSR ranging from behavior and role of corporate in building New Bharat to exploring new dimensions of CSR through healthy networking with NGOs having strong community presence. 
ISRN has vision of "relationship building" where the corporate with their resources together with the skills, outreach, monitoring and evaluation of NGOs and policies of the government could plan their programs in such a way that with collaboration of all the three or any two players, the CSR funds get adequately and rightfully utilized. Seminar would also serve as a platform for NGOs/ Corporates to discuss their challenges and an opportunity to outline the future strategy.


  • To build the implementation support system for successful of CSR.
  • To facilitate relationship building between Corporate and NGOs towards positive development with the active participation from the community.
  • To discuss and identify gaps & challenges in CSR policy.

Take away from seminar:

  • Seminar will enrich knowledge on CSR bill and different live approaches being practiced by corporates.
  • Cross-sector experience.
  • Panel sessions with open discussion –opportunity for one to one with experts/practitioners.
  • Exclusive networking opportunity.

Ms.Lalitha Kumarmanglam
Chairperson, ISRN
Member, Organizing Committee

Dr Vinay Sahasrabudhhe
Vice Chairperson, ISRN
Member, Organizing Committee

Dr Sobha Vijendra
Co-Convener, Organizing Committee

Sh. Rajnish Goenka
Co-convener, Organizing Committee

Dr.Malllika Nadda
Convener, ISRN
Member, Organizing Committee

Sh Sumit Bhasin 
Member, Organizing Committee

Sh Sanjay Chaturvedi
Co-Convener,ISRN & Organizing Committee

Sh Ravindra Sathe
Member,  Organizing Committee

Sh. Santosh Gupta
Member,  Organizing Committee

Dr. Indumati Rao
Member,  Organizing Committee


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