ISRN Service

In the CSR domain, we work with all the stakeholders on the associated processes and outcomes.Our headline strategies include:

  • Advocacy through facilitation of platforms for corporate, VOs and government to deliberate on key CSR/ developmental issues
  • Building understanding of Corporate and VOs on CSR
  • Enabling VOs to participate in CSR/ government programs by improving their capacities through training and capacity building
  • Filling the existing information gap
  • Facilitating corporate - VO and government– VO collaboration and convergence on CSR/ government program
  • Providing project life cycle support services to corporate in their CSR activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation of CSR and development projects

CSR Project Facilitation Services

Project Development: We help the Corporate design CSR projects in line with the needs and companies for our corporate partners in drafting project, log frames, time line, activities and all the other domains of project management.

Impact Assessment and Social Audit: Impact assessment/social audit are key activities in social development projects as they give insight into the actions taken and to what extent they benefit the target community. We conduct impact assessments/social audits of government/ CSR projects.

Project Life Cycle Support Services: We provide project life cycle support to corporate such as identifying CSR activities, identification and selection of VOs as implementing agency, project design, facilitating implementation, monitoring and evaluation, documentation, reporting, and impact assessment, among others.

Selection of Implementation Agency: With our network of over 600 VOs across several social and developmental areas, it is easy to find the most appropriate implementation partner for a company’s CSR program. We help identify the right partner, go through the due diligence and build capacities of the chosen VO to achieve the corporate CSR objectives.

Project Monitoring: We monitor government/CSR projects to ensure milestones are met based on the project plan.


ISRN provides a platform to all its members to share their experiences, best practices, innovations, expertise on the public domain.


Media Coverage

In today's time where it is a necessity to be accessible to a wide range of individuals or organizations, from diverse groups, like corporate, NGOs and government, the need for the fourth pillar of democracy-Media, is inevitable.


Audiovisual Gallery

Audio-visual gallery is an amalgamation of IEC (information, education, communication) materials, snapshots of various events and activities, audio-visuals of training, jingles, clippings carrying messages or information, electronic brochures etc.